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Thank you for a great first season!

The Cold Lake Fighter Jets senior men’s football team would like to take a moment to reach out and thank the entire area for the incredible reception we have received in our first season.

From the City of Cold Lake and the beautiful new outdoor turf stadium to the wonderful fans, volunteers and sponsors who helped bring high level competitive men’s football to the area, we truly appreciate the support.

2019 was undoubtedly a season of learning for the franchise. We learned we had the most incredible and passionate fans in the league; willing to brave the elements because of the shared passion for football, which helped fuel a team still undefeated at home.

It is still with great sadness and personal frustration to every member of the team we were not permitted to take part in the post-season. Over the past few weeks the team reviewed every option available to overturn the allegations of breaking league bylaws, however, due to the short window of opportunity before the playoffs and National Championship, it seemed time was against us.

Due to the untimely end to our season the Fighter Jets are hungrier and more committed than ever to bringing a provincial and potential national championship to the City of Cold Lake. In the offseason and in anticipation of 2020, we hope to grow along with the community and welcome any input as we shape the future of the Fighter Jets.

Stay tuned for offseason fundraising and events that we look forward to bringing to the Lakeland.

Thank you again for a great first season.

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